This page describes how to install Icinga, Icinga-Web and idoutils on Debian. To use it you have to enable the debmon repository as described in Instructions The documentation was copied from the icinga wiki with friendly permission of its author(s).


What will you get once Icinga Web using this guide is installed?

  • Icinga, idoutils, Icinga Class and Icinga Web (the alternative frontend to Icinga)


To use idotuils you need an installed Database system, currently Postgresql and MySQL. If you want to use Postgresql a version >= 9.1 is recommended. You can obtain it from Debian Backports.


Debian specific documentation for the packages is in /usr/share/doc/$packagename/README.Debian. Please read it if you encounter any problems.

Package Installation

If you followed the Instructions => 'instructions' installation should be easy: for MySQL
# apt-get install libdbd-mysql mysql-client
# apt-get install icinga icinga-doc icinga-web nagios-plugins
for Postgresql
# apt-get install libdbd-pgsql postgresql-client
# apt-get install icinga icinga-doc icinga-web nagios-plugins
Important Please install your datebase before installing the icinga packages.

External Commands

If you want to add comments or any other commands from the webfrontend to the Icinga core you have to enable external commands. The package will ask you on installation time to enable them. If you missed to say "yes", execute dpkg-reconfigure icinga-common.

IDOUtils configuration

To enable the module copy /usr/share/doc/icinga-idoutils/examples/idoutils.cfg-sample to /etc/icinga/modules/idoutils.cfg. If you have done that you have to restart icinga: service icinga restart. If thats done enable ido2db:

sed -i -e 's/IDO2DB=no/IDO2DB=yes/' /etc/default/icinga
and start the ido2db daemon with service ido2db start.

Accessing icinga-web and icinga-classic

If you have done everything right you can access icinga-classic via http://$yourhost/icinga. The username is icingaadmin and the password is the one you provided during package installation.

icinga-web is accessable via http://$yourhost/icinga-web/ with the username root and the password your provided.

Changing your passwords

Changing passwords can be done with the following commands:


# dpkg-reconfigure icinga-cgi
# httpasswd /etc/icinga/htpasswd.users icingaadmin


dpkg-reconfigure icinga-web