Package liblog-log4perl-perl in debmon-wheezy (1.38-1~debmon60+1)

A Perl port of the widely popular log4j logging package. Log::Log4perl is a pure Perl port of the widely popular Apache/Jakarta log4j library for Java. In the spirit of log4j, Log::Log4perl addresses the shortcomings of typical ad-hoc or homegrown logging systems by providing three mechanisms to control the amount of data being logged and where it ends up at: * Levels allow you to specify the priority of log messages. Low-priority messages are suppressed when the system's setting allows for only higher-priority messages. * Categories define which parts of the system you want to enable logging in. Category inheritance allows you to elegantly reuse and override previously defined settings of different parts in the category hierarchy. So, at a central location in your system (either in a configuration file or in the startup code) you may specify which components (classes,functions) of your system should generate logs. * Appenders allow you to choose which output devices the log data is being written to, once it clears the previously listed hurdles.

Manoj Srivastava <>